Winter on Cape Cod

It's off season, it's freezing, but there are always days to remind you that spring isn't too far away...

Winter on the Cape is a very quiet season, especially after all the Christmas lights are put away.  It is truly locals only and as a post grad living and working full-time, winter feels like a pretty good representation of my life currently. Odd. In limbo. Waiting for what come's next (the hope of spring, the inevitable chaos of summer).

Keeping up with art making has been more of a difficult task than I ever could have imagined.  I have been doodling, writing, and reading a lot these past few months, but actually sitting in my studio with a blank canvas in front of me seemed like too much of a daunting task.  I put it off as not having enough time, being too busy, having more important things to do however, in reality I know it's the fear of not creating meaningful work or that I somehow lost my ability to paint "fine art" somewhere between last may (graduation) and now that is keeping me from putting brush to canvas or paper or anything. 

So I picked up my camera a couple of weeks ago after winter storm Niko hit the Northeast and went on a little photo adventure. What's a better source of inspiration than my environment?!

Here are some of the photographs I took:

ALSO, thanks to some B E A U TIFUL weather that february decided to grace us with the other day, I challenged myself to spend a day in the studio with the windows open and complete a painting in one day. And, (believe it or not) I actually did it! Not my greatest masterpiece, but it felt so good to get into that artistic flow, ya know!?

"Release" 20 x 24 Acrylic on canvas, by Lauren Gallagher. 2017. 

So that's where life is currently.  Working on getting better at this whole website thing! 

Much love, Lauren